The purpose of God, since the beginning of time, has been to create a community of people with Himself at the center, a family. There is no concept in the Bible of Christianity apart from a deep sharing of each other's lives. In fact, it is only by the truth of the gospel and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that sinful humans can truly live together in the kind of selfless love, authenticity and lasting intimacy for which we all long.

Community Groups
It is our mission to plant a church in every community and a community group in every neighborhood in the Grand Strand area. We have seen God bless that mission over the years by raising up leaders from Pine Lakes to Surfside, and west into Conway. We hope and pray that you would join a C-Group and enjoy the messy, yet awesome fullness that is doing life together. Like we said, it is ingrained in us to have a deep sharing of life, and we hope that you would start walking in that today! If you're interested in the different locations and times of our C-Groups, then click here!