What does "Doxa" mean?

Most new churches pick easy names. It makes a lot of sense. Pick a name that rolls off the tongue easily, and is a cinch to remember. It's a simple process. Use a nickname for your city. Or pick a local landmark. If that doesn't work, just pick two words from the following list: new, life, river, stone, point. Bingo! Instant church name.

Then, why in the world did we pick a funky name like "Doxa"? It sounds weird. It looks weird. It's not even English. Why make things more complicated?

"Doxa" is a Greek word that means "glory" or "glorious." Perhaps, at some point, you've been to a church service and heard the doxology sung. "Doxology" means "glorious words." Those are words that are not only about God, but also express His glory. But, just what is that supposed to mean?

The glory of God has been described as the "external elegance of the internal excellencies of God." That is just a fancy way of saying that the glory of God is when God goes public with His beauty. God created this world good and perfect. He created man in His own image. As both a part of creation and an image of God we were created to reflect that image to the world as we built a society. Then we were to reflect the created world back to God in worship. There's an old catechism that states that the chief end (or job) of man is "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." Think of that. We were created to enjoy a personal relationship with the almighty God and all that He has given us and express our thankfulness to Him in worship. That's a pretty sweet deal. But, Adam and every person since, has instead looked for joy, fulfillment, security and identity in something or someone other than the one for whom we were created. We chase the enchanting call of the sirens, only to find our lives dashed on the rocks before we know what happened. That's what the Bible calls digging empty cisterns.

But, there is hope. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, God is calling people back to himself. He is calling us to reject the empty cisterns we have dug for ourselves. He is calling us to look at the most poignant display of His glory yet: that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. That was an act of unbelievable sacrificial love for an enemy that had never been seen before or since. When your eyes are opened to your utter lostness and need for savior and then you see all that Jesus did for you by dying in your place and paying your debt. You cannot help but to respond in worship to Him.

That's why we picked the name "Doxa Church." We are a community of people who have been freed from the empty wells we had dug for ourselves and have begun the journey of a life spent enjoying and glorifying the One for whom we were created. We invite you to join us on that journey.

Send us an email. Or, better yet, visit us at River Oaks Elementary Schoot at 10:00 am on Sunday. We would love to have you.